What We Care About

Kids in Distress and Children’s Harbor are not simply charitable agencies that we randomly support.  They are organizations that we have BLED FOR.  

If you choose to connect with us, you are going to hear ALOT about these agencies.  Mark has dedicated 29 years of his life to KID and continues to serve in the capacity of President & CEO and Tiffani served as the Director of Foster Care at KID for 12 years before moving on to serve as President & CEO of Children’s Harbor.


From maternal health through foster care/adoption, Kids in Distress is a one-stop shop for child welfare.  Children’s Harbor is exclusively dedicated to the one population that KID does not serve….TEENAGERS in foster care.


It goes without saying that child welfare is not a “feel good” career path.  You are surrounded by so much pain and anger and hopelessness.  Every child you hold is broken – and broken in every way that a person can possibly BE broken – broken bodies, broken spirits, broken dreams.   You simply see the very worst that humanity has to offer to itself each and every day.   After a little while, your heart becomes hardened to the day-to-day of life within the “system”.  What was once tragic becomes “routine”.

As dark as the field of child welfare can be…it is also one of tremendous inspiration.  In a given day, your work experience may easily span the scope of human emotion.  In one moment, you are faced with unspeakable grief and loss and in the next, you are filled with overwhelming joy.

Ultimately, KID and CH are kind of like hospitals for those with broken lives.  Both teams are in the business of healing hearts.  Each and every day, families come to our organizations because they need help.  Their lives have been split wide open and they are wrecked with pain and hopelessness; most are just sitting in the ashes of what once was.  Through a continuum of services, our teams help them pick up the pieces of their lives and take steps towards becoming whole again.

Our lives have been forever changed by the incredible people that choose to be on the Harbor Team and TeamKID.  They are heart deep and wholly dedicated to their vision and we are better humans for having had the awesome privilege of serving beside them.

Our hope is that you will take the time to connect with Kids in Distress and Children’s Harbor in some way.

Kids in Distress