Lightning Above the Grand Canyon

We took on the Grand Canyon in 2011 and I was obsessed with this dead tree:

photographer shooting Grand Canyon

Resulting image from said obsession:

Grand Canyon

As the sun was setting, we could see that there was a storm rolling in…

grand canyon, sunset

and you would think, that we would have said to ourselves…. “selves, you are standing on the highest point of a great precipice…..and there is no shelter in sight….perhaps we should get on the bus and return to the parking lot“.  But alas, we did not.  We just kept watching.

grand canyon, sunset


lightning over grand canyon

And then we ran.


Mark & Tiffani Dhooge Signature Line

Oh wait!  I forgot to tell you about the other photog!  While hanging out on the edge of the GC, we met Rustin!  So naturally, I photographed him 🙂  He is a portrait photographer based out of Austin Texas.  You can follow him by clicking HERE.

grand canyon_0025

This is the photo that HE took during the lighting storm!

More epic lightning shots:

WHOADUDE Grand Canyon
EPIC shot taken from @WHOAHDUDE 


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