Why Did You Create This Blog?

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My grandma was never without her Vivitar.   She was forever chasing after people at church, shrieking like Edith Bunker, “waaaaaaaait, let me get your picture!!!”


I like to believe that my love for photographing moments originated with her.  When she died, we had boxes and boxes (and boxes) of photographs to rummage through.  Print after print of moments that were important to her, people that she loved….and not a single written explanation of why.

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Fast forward 40 years and I have my own “boxes”.   Literally thousands of images that were important enough to document but never seem to find their way out of the recesses of our hard drive.   I just never take the time to tell the stories behind each moment.

This blog is a place where we can do just that: tell stories, explore random thoughts and  document life.  In 40 years, I want to be sitting in a rocking chair, reading these stories out loud to each other and laughing until we pee ourselves a little.  [Ok, that was gross…but you get the picture].

THAT is the “why” behind this blog.   It is simply a dedicated space meant to tell the story of “us”:  who we are, what we love and the people who love us.

Welcome to the Dhooge Den!

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